Courses & Programs

 Ignite your own personal healing and offer a ‘reset’ to your mind body and soul.

Exercises, Meditations, Journal Prompts and so much more!!!

After these 4 weeks, you’ll experience a new relationship with your body, reduce the amout of stress you feel, gain mental clarity, create/start a plan for your own spiritual health & well being, know how to connect to your intuition and begin to awaken your inner soul’s desires again.

​​Meditation Miracles Course


A 4-week guided course to learn the ins and outs of meditation. Grow deeper in your connection to Spirit & self, understand meditation on a whole new level and discover some added opportunities that are available to you through your meditation practice.



5 Day Spiritual Bootcamp
5 Days of mini healing sessions just for you. Learn 5 different powerful exercises and tools that can change your life and awaken your soul. Come away from this 5 days with less stress, rejuvenation, clarity and inner power.
Certified Healer's Course


A 12 month certification program designed for those who feel called to serve this planet. We'll uncover, discover and awaken your spiritual gifts. You'll learn multiple techniques, methods and modalities to become a Certified Healer.

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