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One of my favorite things to do is be in front of an audience. I grew up performing as a dancer and theater girl... tracing the stage with my movements and my voice.  The stage is like home to me. ​When the sharing and giving of my heart and soul reaches out and touches the heart and soul of another, it creates a ripple effect, allowing for change, shifts, emotional experience and joy.

Each time I am on stage, it is my intention to illicit something magical inside of my audience. 

I am bold, interactive and extremely loving in my approach. 

Whether I am facilitating a healing ceremony at a retreat, speaking from stage about spirituality or guiding in a small group setting to encourage teamwork and connection... you will feel and experience my fiery passion. And this passion delivers powerful results. 

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Live with Joy, Love & Passion

Keynote Topics:

- How to Connect, Understand & Use Your Intuition

- Unleashed: Let Your Inner Child Live Out Loud

- Busting Up The Myths of Meditation & How You Too Can Love Meditation

- Meditation in Mommy-hood

- Moms Need Self Care Too

- Spirituality in Business for Entrepreneurs 

- Clearing Your Space Creates Abundance & Opportunity

- Healing is Something Even YOU Can Do

- Teachings of an Energetic Body Scan: Life Changing Magic

- Reveal & Own Your Life Purpose


- Healing Ceremonies

- Meditation Experiences

- Team Building Workshops

- Dance/Yoga/Movement 

- Group Angel Readings

- Ask for your desired modality/request

In working with Elyse over the last 7 years she is always one of our top chosen speakers.  She is dependable, grounded, clear, and always delivers.  No matter what she is speaking about she always leaves her audience changed.  She is transformational in everything she does whether she is speaking, dancing, choreographing or producing.  She understands the listening of her audience from multiple angles and speaks to the deepest yearning of the room.


- Laura Holloway: CEO, Holloway Wellness

“Elyse has a special way of connecting with the energy of a crowd by creating a powerful loving influence. I was engaged with her the entire presentation and was captivated by her message. I gained a much clearer understanding of meditation and I could easily relate to the story of her mediation journey. If you’re looking to book a speaker who will add massive value and at the same time shit the energy of the room to whole new vibrational experience, then Elyse is your girl!” 

- Zach B: Life & Business Mentor

Elyse brings an energy like no other. She instantly increases my vibration and awareness which leads to the strengthening of my own abilities. Elyse has the ability to normalize and bring out the woo in all of us. Her energy is infectious and her light is undeniable.

- Beverly Sartain: Transformational Coach

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